Cancer faker released by court

An Ontario woman accused of faking terminal cancer and keeping money she raised, saying it was for cancer groups, has been released on bail.

Ashley Kirilow will forfeit $5,000 if she violates the conditions of her release

A 23-year-old Burlington, Ont., woman accused of faking terminal cancer and keeping money she raised, saying it was for cancer groups, was released Friday on the understanding she will pay $5,000 if she violates the conditions of her release.

Police have alleged that Ashley Kirilow pretended to have cancer to raise money that she promised to give to charity, but instead kept it for herself.

She is facing three counts of fraud under $5,000 and one count of fraud over $5,000.

Kirilow was released even though no bail money was actually posted.

"Technically, what happens is she doesn't have to put up $5,000. If she violates her conditions, she could have to forfeit $5,000," according the CBC reporter Mike Crawley who attended the bail hearing.

"Basically, they feel she is not a risk to the public or a flight risk, so that is why they have agreed to grant her release. It is not a release on a certain amount of bail," he said.

Crawley outlined the conditions of her release. She:

  • Must reside within a certain area.
  • Has to tell police if she moves.
  • Must visit police once a week.
  • Can't have any computer equipment or a cellphone.
  • Can't go to places where fundraisers raised money in her name.

When the list of conditions was read out, and she was told she was released, Kirilow smiled, Crawley said.

"Her face lit up, and she looked quite happy," he said.

As part of the conditions of her release, Kirilow will be supervised by the John Howard Society, a non-profit organization that assists people in trouble with the law.

After a brief video appearance on Thursday, her lawyer, Brendan Neil, said he is concerned about what will happen after she's released because of the anger the case has sparked.

Her parents have said they want nothing more to do with her, as have several former supporters.

With files from The Canadian Press