Running a Google search on your own name might turn up some unwelcome results if you’ve ever been in court — thanks to a website in Romania. 

The site has been posting Canadian court documents and charging a fee to anyone who wants them removed. 

Helen Caplette of Ontario ran a search on herself and was shocked to see a 2009 document detailing multiple domestic assaults. 

"I'm angry and stressed out and it's an invasion of my privacy," she told CBC News. 

She says the man behind the site, Sebastian Radulescu, wanted 19 Euros, about $29, to remove the documents. 

Radulescu said the money is an administrative fee. He says the site is not out to "shame people" because the documents aren't confidential. 

Police and Caplette's lawyer say their hands are tied. 

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With files from CBC's Amanda Margison