The infectious bacteria C. difficile has claimed the life of another Ontario patient in the Niagara region this weekend, raising the death toll to 26 linked to the outbreak.

The patient, who tested positive for C. difficile and also had other health problems, was reportedly a senior admitted to St. Catharines General Hospital. The person died on Saturday, according to hospital officials.

Six Ontario hospitals in the province were battling outbreaks of the infection since outbreaks were declared in late May.

So far, there have been 15 deaths at St. Catharines linked to the outbreak, as well as six deaths reported at Welland Hospital. One person died at Niagara-on-the-Lake Hospital, and four patients were reported to have died at the Greater Niagara Hospital.

Clostridium difficile causes severe diarrhea and is typically spread in hospitals through contact with fecal matter.

Patients taking antibiotics are generally the most susceptible to the bacterial disease, while those suffering from multiple health issues can also be vulnerable.

In order for a hospital to declare an outbreak to have ended, there must be no new cases acquired in a hospital for one month.

With files from The Canadian Press