A bus driver is back at work with York Region's VIVA service on Wednesday following his suspension over wearing a traditional Muslim cap on the job.

McGregory Jackman was threatening to file a human rights complaint after the company sent him home for refusing to take off his kufi, a cap many Muslims wear.

On Tuesday York Region Rapid Transit manager Don Gordon said the issue had been resolved and Jackman will be back at work.

Jackman has been on the job for less than a month, but during that time clashed with his employer over his choice to wear the kufi.

Jackman said he was approached twice about removing it. He said he was told that Veolia, the multinational company contracted to run the region's buses, doesn't allow hats and that it wasn't part of the uniform. On both occasions he refused to remove his kufi.

"I explained to [his supervisor] that I'm a Muslim and this is an expression of my religion, and he says, 'You can't wear that.'"

Last Monday a supervisor approached him during his shift and gave him a choice — either take off the kufi or leave the bus.  Jackman insisted on wearing his kufi and was removed from the bus.

The company now says Jackman will be exempt from the policy. 

Jackman will be back at work on Wednesday, wearing his kufi. Gordon said Jackman will be compensated for his lost pay.
Jackman said he's "very happy" with the way the issue was resolved.