The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is recalling all 473 mL cans of Amsterdam Brewery's Sweetwater Radler Blood Orange from lot G2216 produced on July 22.

The Crown corporation said an investigation confirmed cans from this production are undergoing a second fermentation that can cause the cans to burst due to excessive internal pressure.

LCBO spokeswoman Christine Bujold said she knows of two instances in which a Sweetwater Radler Blood Orange can burst — one reported at the home of a consumer and another in which the product burst in an LCBO retail store.

The LCBO recall follows the removal of the affected Amsterdam Brewery cans from its store shelves on Sept. 6 and 7.

Bujold said cans of Sweetwater Radler Blood Orange from lot G2216 can be returned to LCBO retail stores for a refund.

The LCBO said that customers and licensees should use caution when handling this product, including when checking the lot code located on the front label near the base of the can.