Have you had problems parking at the Burlington GO station lately?

You're not alone.

Metrolinx says parking spaces are a premium at the station lately because of a boost in ridership. Still, for several days this winter, the top floor of the station's parking garage has remained empty — because the ramp leading up to it can't withstand poor winter weather conditions.

Burlington GO Parking

Metrolinx says parking spaces are a premium at the Burlington GO station because of a recent boost in ridership. (Mike Heenan/CBC)

Plows are too big to maneuver inside the parking garage and many de-icing solutions won't work because they could damage the floor of the structure. So on days when Metrolinx doesn't allow parking on the ramp, the station loses 70 spaces. But when the ramp is closed altogether for customer safety, blocking access to the fourth floor, close to 200 parking spots disappear.

"I know that there have been customers that are disappointed and upset with that," said Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins. "We're looking at a variety of options now that ridership is at a peak on that line."

Anne Marie Aikins

Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins says the company is looking into potential fixes. (Barry Smith/CBC)

Aikins says those options include covering the ramp — either with additional floors or a roof to keep out the snow and ice. But for now, some commuters say they're not impressed.

"In the weather that we live in, it should be built to withstand our weather," Sandy Arnold told CBC Toronto. "If it's not, something's gone wrong."

Steve Warner agrees.

"It means it was designed wrong, it was built wrong, architected wrong — it's just not right."

Aikins says a broken water drainage system is also causing closures in the parking garages. Those repairs are expected to be finished within the next week.