Budget chief David Soknacki announced Monday afternoon that he won't seek re-election in themunicipal election this fall.

Reflecting on his 10 years on council, Soknacki said he accomplished his goals and is proud of his ability to get the job doneby workingwith others, no matter what their political leaning.

The councillorremarked that with such a powerful position as budget chief, it is important to take all sides into account.

"It's very important for people to feel likethere is both a cost and a contribution," he said. "Being able to bridge the gap, left and right, suburbs and downtown, I think it's part of the fabric of the city."

During his time as budget chief, Soknacki oversaw a $7.5-billion budget.

The fiscally conservative budget chief often differed in his political viewsfrom theleft-leaning Mayor David Miller.

Coun. Shelley Caroll, a member of the budget committee, said Soknacki will be hard to replace because of his ability to work with councillorsacross the political spectrum.

"I always make the joke that he's my favourite conservative in the whole wide world. All of us have personal political leanings, but he dropped them at the door," she said.

In a release, Mayor David Miller thanked Soknacki for his years of service and wished him great success in his future endeavors.

When the council term ends on Nov. 30,Soknackiwill focus on managing his spice business.