WWII aircraft on the path to becoming the oldest plane to circumnavigate the globe

Pilot Francisco Agullo is trying to make the Second World War era Breitling DC-3 the oldest plane ever to circumnavigate the globe. The aircraft touched down in Toronto Thursday.

The 77-year-old plane touched down in Toronto on Thursday

The breitling DC-3 takes off on its mission to conquer the skies. (Breitling)

The Breitling DC-3 first took to the air in 1940.

Soldiers on the coast of Normandy in 1944 could look up and see the plane flying overhead, towing countless gliders and dropping thousands of paratroopers during the Second World War.  

Fast-forward to the present. Pilot Francisco Agullo and his team plan to fly it around the world, making it the oldest plane to circumnavigate the globe. It touched down Thursday in Toronto.

The Breitling DC-3 stopped in Toronto on Thursday, the only Canadian stop on its world tour. Its pilot hopes to set a world record as the oldest plane to circumnavigate the globe. 2:11

With files from Paul Borkwood