The City of Brampton laid off 25 employees, including several managers, during what the mayor called the largest restructuring in the city's history on Tuesday.

City council unanimously approved the changes to the city's bureaucratic leadership structure, which were recommended by Chief Administrative Officer Harry Schlange.

Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey said the shakeup will allow the city government to be more efficient and quicker to respond to requests. Jeffrey said the changes are necessary in a city that's expecting to grow by some 300,000 people in the coming years and hopes to establish a university.  

"I want a better Brampton and I think this will deliver it," Jeffrey told CBC News.

Schlange, who was recently hired by the city to be what Jeffrey calls a "change agent," said he made the changes after observing the organization for several months. He said he's eager to break down silos within the organization and also said there was some unnecessary duplication of resources.

The CAO said he opted for the "big bang" approach of laying off dozens at a time to avoid worrying more city employees.

Schlange said these cuts mean the major structural change is over.

He declined to comment on any of the individuals who were laid off.

Brampton expects to pay between $3.5 and $4 million in severance to the laid off employees, the CAO said, but the exact figure will be brought to council. Jeffrey said the payment will be a "short-term pain" but that the city will be better off in the long run.

Schlange said the changes won't alter the level of service provided by the municipality.