Boy, 8, calls 911 after father collapses

An eight year old boy from Oshawa is being hailed a hero after calling 911 when his father collapsed in the family home on Sunday.
A quick-thinking eight year old boy calls 911 after his dad collapses. 2:02

An eight year old boy from Oshawa is being hailed a hero.

Police say the boy's quick-thinking was key to getting help quickly after his father collapsed in the kitchen.

Tony Caprio was home making Sunday dinner when he began to feel dizzy.

"And that was it," he told CBC News. "I don't remember anything after that."

Caprio was having a seizure and collapsed. The only other person home was his eight year old son, Ben.

"I looked up in the kitchen and he was lying, shaking on the ground," Ben said. "So I called 911 and they asked me: 'ambulance, fire truck, or police?' I said ambulance."

Tony Caprio has a history of epileptic seizures and a heart condition.

Ben said his mom taught him when and how to call 911.

Durham Regional Police Sgt. Bill Calder says this story highlights the importance of parents teaching their kids about when to call 911.

"We want to make sure that they are always talking to their kids, and maybe even going through the different situations."

Ben says he's just happy his dad his OK and back home.

With files from CBC's Tashauna Reid