Josh Donaldson: Toronto Blue Jay, third baseman, MLB all-star, Silver Slugger, American League MVP ... and now actor?

Donaldson hit the set of the Canadian-Irish TV show Vikings last January for a cameo. A sneak peek of his acting chops was released on Thursday. His episode will air Jan. 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

If you take a look at his Twitter feed, he clearly had great time.

Donaldson first revealed his status as a fan of the show last December when he debuted his new Vikings-inspired hairstyle.

The man known as the "bringer of rain" became the bringer of braid, based on the look of the drama's warrior character Ragnar Lothbrok.

Donaldson tweeted pictures from the set in Ireland saying that he'll "never forget this experience."

The former Oakland Athletic even took a picture with one of the show's Canadian stars, Alexander Ludwig, a Vancouver native who plays Bjorn Lothbrok.

Vikings airs on the History Channel, and according to the network, Donaldson will play the role of Hoskuld, a Viking warrior. 

The episode will air as part of the show's fourth season.