The Bixi bike-sharing service is set to launch on Tuesday. (Bixi Toronto)

Toronto's Bixi bike-sharing program is inching closer to hitting the streets. On Tuesday Bixi posted an online map showing its first 80 locations in the downtown core.

The service is set for launch on Tuesday.

The city has said the program is designed to complement public transit and the bikes are intended primarily for one-way trips under 30 minutes.

A resident or visitor will be able to use the bikes for a fee of $95 a year, $40 per month or $5 per day. For rides up to 30 minutes, there are no additional fees. Rides that take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes will cost an extra $1.50, while rides from 60 to 90 minutes will cost $3.

City staff said they might expand the program in the future if there is demand.

Montreal's Public Bike System Company's Bixi system has been up and running since May 2009, and Ottawa is also launching the program later this year.

Similar systems have also been set up in Paris, Minneapolis, Barcelona and other cities.