Now that beer is officially on sale at some Ontario supermarkets, many are wondering when wine will make an appearance in grocery store aisles.

"If beer can be in supermarkets, wine can be in supermarkets," says Derek Saunders, owner of Calamus Estate Winery in the Niagara region.

"You go to a mall, you want to buy a pair of shoes, there's 20 shoe stores there. You have a choice. Here in Ontario, we don't have a choice," Saunders says.

As of Tuesday, people in Ontario can buy beer at 58 locations across the province in a long-awaited move that was announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne at a Toronto Loblaws.

But there's no indication from her government as to when Ontarians will be able to buy wine at their local grocery store.

"We're having those discussions," said Finance Minister Charles Sousa. "It's a bit more complex than beer. There's trade compliance issues."

But some say those regulations are outdated, arguing there's been no change in the rules governing the sale of wine in Ontario since prohibition.

"I'm just frustrated because [in] every other province of this country consumers have that opportunity, as a producer I have that opportunity," said Sue Anne Staff of Sue-Anne Staff Estate Winery.

"This province, we're the only ones who don't have that," Staff said. "I think everyone's frustrated."