Some beer drinking ladies in Toronto have brewed up Canada's first ever craft beer festival for women.

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies are hosting the event at Evergreen Brick Works at 7 p.m. on April 1 — but it's no joke.

Five Toronto women who are passionate about craft beer organize the society and put on monthly events to share their love of local brews.

Each month they meet up and try different local craft beers in a secret location that is only revealed two days prior to the "bevy" — the name the group has given to their events.

The society is hosting the craft beer festival to mark their 25th bevy and they promise it will be the biggest one yet.

The society's website says the monthly events range in attendance from 50 to 200 ladies.

The craft beer festival will feature a selection of beers from local Toronto craft breweries, food trucks and an artisan marketplace with craft beer vendors.

Tickets for the festival were on-sale online for $30, but sold out quickly. They include a commemorative sample glass, four drink tokens and a "morning after gift."

The society plans on donating a portion of the profits to the Canadian Women's Foundation.

If you still want to go to the event, the society advises that you subscribe to their mailing list to find out if and when more tickets will go on sale.