A 19-year-old construction worker is dead after a house under renovation in Toronto’s Bedford Park neighbourhood collapsed on Tuesday.

Collapsed house

The collapsed house had stood between the two houses visible here. (Stephanie Matteis/CBC)

Police were called to the home at Brookdale Avenue and Greer Road, about halfway between Avenue Road and Yonge Street, north of Lawrence Avenue West, after 2 p.m. ET. Around 11 trucks and 45 firefighters responded to the scene.

The house was destroyed in what firefighters call a "pancake collapse," in which the whole house fell directly down in one motion. 

Three people were trapped inside, but one man freed himself from under the house. Crews had to tunnel to reach the other two, shoring up the rubble as they dug.

A second man was eventually pulled from the ruins and rushed to hospital.

"[He] had a beam pinning his leg, but we managed to get our crews down and … he was able to get out," said Toronto Fire Services Division Commander Bob O'Hallaran.

But crews were unable to rescue the third man, and he was pronounced dead at around 4 p.m.

The middle house has collapsed

The middle house, pictured here from a Google Maps image, collapsed on Tuesday. (Google Maps)

Rubin Costa, a construction worker who had been working on the home, told CBC News the 19-year old, whose name has not been released, had been digging in the basement when the house collapsed.

Costa said the man was part of a construction team putting an addition on the back of the home and working on the foundation.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating.