Police are working to understand exactly what unfolded on the edge of the Entertainment District early Sunday morning after gunfire erupted at a private party, sending two people to hospital and resulting in the arrests of up to nine people.

The shooting began at a residence in the area of Bathurst and Niagara streets around 2:30 a.m. and spilled out onto the street. 

According to Const. Allison Douglas Cook, police believe there were at least two shooters, and bullets hit the residence and several cars parked on the street. 

One man was shot in the head, and a woman was hit in her leg. Both are believed to be in their 20s and are in hospital with serious injuries, paramedics said. 

Bathurst and Niagara shooting

Police spent the day trying to decipher the sequence of events that unfolded after gunfire erupted at a house party. (CBC)

Shortly after the apparent gun fight, police "made several arrests" after they recovered a stolen vehicle nearby the resident. Douglas-Cook said police are still trying to determine how the stolen vehicle may be related to the shootings, and no charges have been laid.

Adding to the confusion, police received a call several hours later from a man in the area of Bathurst and Dupont who was either shot or stabbed in the back. Douglas-Cook told CBC News police initially believed the man was injured at the scene of the earlier shootings, but have since been unable to definitively connect the incidents. 

The man was taken to hospital with "very serious" wounds to his back.

Bathurst and Niagara shootings

Shell casings were littered on the street. Several casings were found inside the home, as well as inside several cars parked in the area. (CBC)

"We're still trying to determine exactly what happened. It's a lot that happened and we're trying to get some answers," Douglas-Cook said.

"It's concerning. It was a busy night for our officers out there."

Phil Klygo lives in the neighbourhood. He described a chaotic scene, but said troubling incidents seem to be happening more and more in the area.

"Cops were donning vest and assault rifles. I never actually seen that, ever, in my life," he told CBC News.

Bathurst and Niagara shooting

Police towed several vehicles that were struck by bullets during the shootings. (CBC News)

"When I woke up this morning and saw the scene I thought, 'Welcome to the typical Friday or Saturday night here'."

Police said they will release further information once they have a better idea of what really happened. 

The violence was part of a chaotic night in the city. A man in his in his 20s was fatally shot at a gathering in a Scarborough beauty salon, while another man, also in his 20s, is in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being shot in East York