A central Ontario police officer who viciously beat a man at a shopping mall and then tried to frame him has resigned from the police force in Barrie, Ont.

Jason Nevill was convicted in June of assault causing bodily harm, attempting to obstruct justice and fabricating evidence, and sentenced last month to a year in jail.

Nevill had been suspended without pay and was to face a Police Services Act hearing on allegations of unnecessary use of authority, deceit, and discreditable conduct.

Chief Kimberley Greenwood says Nevill tendered his letter of resignation late Thursday and she accepted it, effective immediately.

Jason Stern was beaten after a friend broke a Christmas ornament, and Nevill initially maintained Stern was intoxicated and had attacked him with intent to resist arrest at a mall in November 2010.

The charges against Stern were dropped after video surveillance emerged showing Nevill attacking him without provocation, and beating him even after handcuffing him, leaving a pool of blood.

In addition to the year in jail, Ontario court Judge Lorne Chester also sentenced Nevill to one year on probation.

In convicting Nevill, Chester called the officer's use of force "excessive" from the outset, noting that Stern was "rag-dolled" by the burly constable.

Following Nevill's sentencing, Greenwood called Nevill's conduct "unacceptable," and a betrayal of her police force's sworn oath and principles, saying he'd "tainted the image" of the Barrie Police Service.

Stern is suing Nevill and the mall for $1 million, arguing he sustained permanent physical and emotional injuries from the beating.