Byron Sonne, who was granted bail on Monday, has been in jail since June 2010. ((Alex Tavshunsky/CBC))

Byron Sonne, the Toronto man who was charged with explosives and weapons offences in the days leading up to last year’s G20 summit in Toronto, has been granted bail.

A court-ordered publication ban means CBCNews.ca can’t publish details about Monday’s bail decision.

Sonne, 38, an independent online security specialist, has been in custody since he was arrested last June and charged with possession of explosives for an unlawful purpose, possession of dangerous weapons and intimidation of a justice system participant by threat and mischief.

Four of those charges were later dropped by the Crown. Sonne still faces one charge of possession of materials used to make explosives and another charge of counselling mischief.

Before he can be released, Sonne will appear before a judge on either Tuesday or Wednesday to have his bail conditions set.