Bail denied for two teens facing terrorism-related charges

A justice of the peace denied bail for two teens charged in connection with an alleged bomb plot.

The two youngest people charged in connection with an allegedbomb plot in Ontariohave been denied bail.

The youngest of 17 Toronto suspects, a 15-year-old, and an 18-year-old, who was 17 at the time of arrest,appeared in a Brampton, Ont.,court Tuesday afternoon where a justice of the peace denied their petitions.

Both face charges under the federal Anti-terrorism Act of belonging to a terrorist group andengaging in terrorism-related training.

The two teens were among 12 men and five youths arrestedin southern Ontario on June 2-3 and facing a variety of terrorism-related charges.

The names of the two cannot be released because of their age, and the evidencepresented during the hearing cannot be reported because of a publication ban.

On Monday, nine other suspects appeared in court to set future court appearances while two others appeared via video link.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the CBC and other media outlets will also meet with a judge today to schedule a hearing to challenge the publication ban in place.

On June 12,a justice of the peace imposed a sweeping publication ban on all proceedings against the suspects in the allegedplot.

A lawyer representing CBC, the Toronto Star, the New York Times and Associated Press is fighting the ban, arguing that it is in the public's interest for the court proceedings to be as open as possible.