An arsonist set fire to as many as 10 cars and a house in Toronto overnight Friday, according to the Toronto Fire Services.

Fire crews received a call at around 3:30 a.m. ET to 24 Burnham Dr. in the Mount Pleasant Road and St. Clair Avenue area for a car fire. When they arrived they found a car and house ablaze.

Burned out home on Burnham

The driveway of 24 Burnham Rd. after suspected arson. (Michael Cole/CBC)

Doug Bryce woke up a shortly after 3 a.m. to find his home on fire.

“We woke up, realized what was going on, we grabbed the kids and we ran,” Bryce said.

A burned car at the scene of 20 Burnham

Police look through the charred remains of a burned Audi in front of 20 Burnham Rd. (Michael Cole/CBC)

“The garage was on fire,” he said. “It was a big fire, the neighbours were gathering, the car five houses down was also fully on fire.”

Bryce’s brother was in the lower level of the home but managed to escape unharmed.

Fire officials confirm they received multiple calls for fire — set mainly to cars — all over the neighbourhood on Burnham Road, Brendan Road and Evegreen Gardens. 

In front of 20 Burnham

Neighbours gather in front of In front of 20 Burnham Rd. to see burned cars. (Michael Cole/CBC)

In total there were seven fires that spread to include 10 vehicles.

"It’s insane and disturbing," Bryce said. 

22 Brendan burned car

Police survey the remains of another burned car at 22 Brendan Rd. (Michael Cole/CBC)

Police were examining a smashed window at the Hasty Market at Bayview and Moore Avenues. They believe that the same suspect in that incident then went on an arson spree.


Toronto Police say an arsonist set fire to multiple cars in a Toronto neighbourhood overnight Friday. (Tony Smyth/CBC)