Toronto police have arrested a man after Toronto restaurateur Arron Barberian fought off a would-be thief in broad daylight in front of his downtown steakhouse. 

'I whipped him to the ground a couple of times.' - Arron Barberian

The attack happened as Barberian, 50, was taking a cash box from one of his two Elm Street restaurants at about 10:20 a.m. ET on Monday. 

A man approached from behind and grabbed the box. But Barberian hung on, and fought back. 

"He pushed me, you know I pushed back. He grabbed the money and then I whipped him to the ground a couple of times," Barberian told CBC News. 

On Wednesday police announced they had arrested and charged a 44-year-old man after the mugger had fled the scene. In addition to a robbery charge, the man faces two charges of failing to comply with probation.

The incident was captured from two viewpoints by Barberian's security cameras and later posted online. 

The two men spun onto the street — sending the cash box, stray bills and Barberian's cellphone flying — and continued to grapple for several minutes, joined by a restaurant employee who came to Barberian's aid. The three men continued east, almost out of the view of the cameras, towards Yonge Street. 

Good Samaritan and 'true thief'

Back at the restaurant, a woman in a fur hat picked up what cash she could, and later returned it to Barberian

A second woman also appeared on the scene, and made off with Barberian's phone. 

The unidentified woman is "a true thief," Barberian said, in contrast to his attacker who he describes as "an unfortunate soul."

With files from Sue Sgambati