Video captures citizen's takedown of armed man in Bloordale

Video has surfaced of a citizen's arrest near Bloor Street West and Lansdowne Avenue that took down an armed man until police arrived on scene.

29-year-old man faces over a dozen charges

Police say a citizen stepped into action and "kept control of the armed man" until they arrived at the scene. 1:43

Video has surfaced of a citizen arresting an armed man near Bloor Street West and Lansdowne Avenue. 

It happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday, when police say the man approached a car with a loaded handgun. 

In the video, which is about a minute and half long, two people can be seen fighting on the sidewalk. A third person and two police officers then approach the two as they move into the street.

The man who recorded the video didn't want to be identified but told CBC News he lives on the third-floor of a Bloor Street building overlooking the spot where the takedown took place. He said he was alerted to the scuffle by sounds of yelling.

"I often hear commotion outside late night so am attuned to looking out the window when something's going on," he said.

He said about 10 seconds went by before he sprang into motion and started filming. Police arrived almost immediately at the scene.

"I heard the yelling when the guy with the gun approached two other men," he said. "They defended themselves, and that's when the gun came out."

Toronto police released a photo of the gun seized at the scene of a citizen's arrest on March 22 near Bloor Street West and Lansdowne Avenue. (Toronto Police Service)

Police seized a loaded handgun at the scene and are praising the citizen who stepped in saying he "kept control of the armed man" until they arrived.

A 29-year-old Toronto man was arrested at the scene and faces 15 charges including robbery, carrying a concealed firearm and threatening death. 

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 29. 

Police say the citizen, whose identity hasn't been made public, will be recommended for a civilian citation.