Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said during a visit to tornado-devastated Angus today that she's impressed by how the small community has responded after 100 homes were damaged, but couldn't say how much financial aid the province will be providing.

No one was hurt in the violent storm that overturned vehicles and sheared roofs off houses.

Wynne praised the community for coming together and helping with the cleanup. But she said it's hard to estimate how much aid will be available through the province until damage assessments are complete.

"There's a process to go through," said Wynne. "What's important is that we stay in touch with the community. It's impossible to assess what the costs would be that aren't covered by insurance. There will be no beak in the communication.

"I am so impressed at the way everyone has worked together," said Wynne. "It goes without saying but it doesn't always happen. Everyone has pulled together."

Wynne toured the damaged area along with the Essa Township mayor and local emergency officials.

Emergency officials have been inspecting damaged houses on a case-by-case basis to determine if and when the residents can return home.

In some cases, residents have been allowed inside to retrieve belongings. Those whose homes were badly damaged may have to await structural repairs before they can move back in.

"I'm grateful that no one was seriously hurt. It was quite remarkable," said Wynne. "I want to make sure that we are available to do everything we can to expedite the repair … and get people back in their homes."