Amid Blue Jays' hot streak, team sees up-and-down attendance

The Blue Jays have won eight straight, but attendance at the Rogers Centre has bobbed up and down on their recent homestand.
There were a lot of empty seats in the Rogers Centre when Mark Buehrle earned his ninth win of the season on Tuesday night. That game marked the Blue Jays’ eighth straight win -- the most recent five of which occurred at home. Yet attendance during the current homestand has been up and down. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Canadian Press)

The Blue Jays are a top-ranked team in the midst of a sizzling streak.

Current homestand attendance:

May 23: 21,007

May 24: 29,372

May 25: 45,277

May 26: 15,616

May 27: 15,993


But when they won their eighth straight game on Tuesday night, fewer than 16,000 people were there to see the victory.

That means that nearly two in three seats were empty at the Rogers Centre.

Yet two days earlier, the Jays played before a sellout crowd — their fourth of the season.

The Blue Jays' website archives the box scores of each of the game the team plays, which include the accompanying attendance figures.

On the current homestand, their game-by-game attendance has dropped as low as 15,616, but also gone as high as 45,277. The average attendance during these five games has been about 25,453.

MLB statistics suggest that Toronto is drawing an average of just over 24,000 fans a game this season, through their first 26 home games, according to ESPN, which tracks league attendance.

Toronto is one of the MLB's largest baseball cities in terms of population, but is in the bottom third when it comes to filling its stadium.

The Blue Jays' average attendance so far this year is nearly half the league-leading Los Angeles Dodgers, at over 46,000. The Rogers Centre is attracting fewer fans on average than stadiums in smaller market cities like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Milwaukee.



  • An earlier version of this story included attendance stats from the most recent eight Blue Jays game ahead of Wednesday night. This story has been amended to include the stats from the most recent five games -- May 23-27, which occurred at the Rogers Centre.
    May 28, 2014 5:06 PM ET

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