A cold front in Toronto created some icy conditions in the city on Friday, especially at the airports.

The extreme cold weather caused the cancellation of almost 30 per cent of flights going in and out of Toronto Pearson as of Friday evening. 

The City of Toronto issued an extreme cold weather alert Friday morning as temperatures were expected to drop below freezing. A special weather statement was also released warning about freezing rain. 

Even with the dangerous conditions, Robin Smith of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority said that Toronto Pearson is very well prepared for weather like this.

"Operationally, this is a different day for us because it was a very significant winter storm but at the same time we prepare for these things. We have forecasting that let's us know when it's coming so we're able to make sure that we have all the staff for snow clearing and for deicing available," Smith said. 

There are extra staff members at the terminal to help passengers and to ensure that airlines have everything they need to get off the ground.