Adopt a bunny from the city? Yes you can

Faced with a surplus of rabbits, the city is waving its $40 adoption fee during a 'Bunny Bonanza' adoption event, which continues through to Saturday, Aug. 30.

Animal Services is waiving a $40-fee during a 'Bunny Bonanza' adoption event

This bunny could be yours. Until next Saturday, the city will waive the usual $40 fee to adopt a rabbit. (City of Toronto)

The city of Toronto wants everyone to know there's nothing funny about its Bunny Bonanza adoption event.

Continuing this week, Animal Services is offering a special deal for anyone interested in adopting a rabbit. Yes, rabbit.

"We're trying to re-house as many as possible," said city veterinarian Dr. Esther Attard.

She said rabbits are often surrendered to the city, sometimes by people who've had them as pets and can't keep them.  In other cases, the rabbits are found inside buildings and need a new home.

Generally the city charges $40 for rabbit adoption. The bunny's new owner receives a rabbit that is spayed or neutered, microchipped and health checked. But due to a sudden surplus — Attard estimates there are 15 rabbits in city pounds right now — the city will waive the $40 fee for anyone who adopts a rabbit before Saturday, Aug. 30.

The city posts profiles of the rabbits available for adoption on their website.

Attard said rabbits make good pets. They can be trained and though they like to spend some time outside in an enclosed space in fair weather, they also need a safe space to spend winters indoors.  

Attard said a common misconception is that rabbits don't live long, but she said a typical lifespan can be up to 10 years.

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