A two-year-old Afghan boy shot in a Taliban attack that killed his parents, brother and sister, will arrive in Toronto tonight to begin a new life in Canada.

Abuzar Ahmad was shot during an attack at the luxury Serena Hotel in Kabul on March 20 that killed nine people, including his father, mother, brother and sister. His siblings were aged four and six.

The attack happened when four men managed to smuggle pistols into the hotel. The Taliban later claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two Canadians — Roshan Thomas, an aid worker from Vancouver, and Zeenab Kassam, a nurse from Calgary — died in the attack.


This photo of Abuzar Ahmad was taken last fall. The boy was hit five times when gunmen began shooting diners in a restaurant at the Serena hotel. (Associated Press)

The heavily fortified hotel is popular with diplomats and was believed to be a safe place for foreigners to stay.

Abuzar was hit five times and wound up in a coma, but his condition has since improved.

He will be cared for by family members from the Toronto area who flew to Afghanistan to make preparations for bringing him back to Canada.

The boy's father, Sardar Ahmad, was a senior political correspondent for Agence France-Presse.