A friend of a Toronto lawyer who went to Switzerland to end his life says there's talk of sending his final plea for legalized assisted suicide to an upcoming Supreme Court hearing.

In an open letter and video, Edward Hung explained why he opted to die with help rather than continue living with ALS — an incurable and increasingly debilitating condition also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

His legal colleague Jerry Leung says he and other lawyers are discussing whether it's possible to send Hung's final message to the top court's spring hearing on a right-to-die case.

A crowd of mourners filled a Toronto church to remember Hung, who died earlier this month, as a fun-loving and passionate lawyer who loved to grab a guitar and break out into song.

His daughter Rachel told the crowd he was the "best father" who would always find time to drive to nearby Hamilton to help her out. 

In his final letter, Hung wrote that while he had the means to travel to Switzerland to end his life, it "is just not fair" that others wracked by debilitating disease were unable to do so.