An estimated 50,000 honeybees were removed from a home in Kitchener, Ont., after homeowners noticed a swarm of the insects gathering along their guestroom wall.

After calling an exterminator — who told her they couldn't do the job because they would lose their license — to do the job, Carol Stewart reached out to a local beekeeper for help. 

Honey bee populations have declined drastically since 2007, when Colony Collapse Disorder — a mysterious affliction that causes honey bees to leave their nests during winter and eventually die — began killing off millions of bees throughout North American and Europe. 

The beekeeper, David Schuit, decided to carefully remove the hive in an effort to save as many of the bees as possible. With the help of his son, Schuit had to take down an entire wall of the guesthouse where the bees were living. 

He managed to remove an estimated 50,000 workers bees and a queen bee, which he will add to the hives he manages for his business Saugeen Country Honey Inc.