CBC News has learned that a third man was at the scene of a fatal shooting in March — a shooting that has been linked to a wide-ranging police bust in Toronto. That man has not been charged in connection to the slaying.

Anthony Smith and another man, Muhammad Khattak, were shot outside the Loki Lounge on King Street West on March 28.  Smith died later in hospital.  Khattak was wounded and is recovering.

Public interest in the shooting was heightened after a photo surfaced showing the victims posing with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  That photograph came to light when two Toronto Star journalists reported being shown a video that appeared to show Ford smoking crack cocaine. 

Khattak was picked up during last week's police busts called Project Traveller.

On the night of the slaying, police say, members of a rival gang to the Dixon City Bloods — the gang that was the focus of the raids — became involved in a fight with Smith and Khattak at the Loki Lounge. 

Nisar Hashimi has been charged with first-degree murder in Smith's slaying, along with Hanad Mohamed.

But CBC News has learned that a third man was there that night too and may have been a witness to the shooting

The man, a 22-year-old from Toronto, fled to Fort McMurray, Alta., afterwards.

Police found him there last month, but did not arrest him and have not charged him.