More than three months have passed since a venomous cobra escaped in a west-end Toronto rooming house— and there's still no sign of it.

Firefighters, police, paramedics and experts from the Toronto Zoo have unsuccessfully tried to track down the fugitive snake.

In the latest effort, reptile expert Josh Feltham has been called upon in the hope he might succeed where others have failed.

Feltham,general manager of Reptilia, a zoo in Vaughan, says he's ready for the challenge.

"The real trick is understanding the snake you're dealing with," said Feltham.

"Each snake has different behaviours and different things it prefers: whether they like to climb, whether they like to stay on the ground, are they active foragers or sit-and-wait predators?"

"All these indicators help you figure out where the snake might go," he said.

All tenants were removed from the building when the poisonous snake escaped in late September from its owner, who was keeping it as a pet.

Toronto Public Health sealed off the building andbanned tenants from returning until the elusive snake is found dead or alive.

The landlord says he's lost $20,000 in rent and damages from unsuccessful attempts to capture the cobra.

The house ison Church Street in the York area of Toronto, near Lawrence Avenue Westand Weston Road.