Police are investigating two more overnight break-ins in Etobicoke, both in the area of Browns Line and Horner Avenue. 

Police say at about 2 a.m. area resident Mave McCarthy woke upon hearing a noise and discovered an intruder in her home. The suspect — whose face was covered, and is described only as a male about six feet tall — was standing at the foot of her bed. She screamed and her husband, who had been sleeping downstairs, ran to her aid. 

The suspect fled out the back door, jumping two fences "like a gazelle," as he ran off, said McCarthy. 

A police pursuit, including a helicopter and canine unit, followed but the suspect got away. 

At another location a resident awoke in the middle of the night to find their home had been disturbed. 

In both cases doors or windows of the homes had been left unlocked. 

Police say the homes may have been targeted because they are near fields and park trails, making them easier to access while provided places for suspects to hide. 

Etobicoke has seen a rash of overnight break-ins. There have been up to 22, including these two, in its south end over the last three summers. Some involved sexual assaults and some victims were seniors.

The most recent was early Friday morning when a woman in her 60s, who lives in the Royal York Road and Bloor Street West area, was awakened by an intruder in her bedroom. 

Police at 22 Division say there is no reason to believe the latest two break-ins are connected to the incident on Friday. Police say there are more break-ins during the summer because people leave their homes empty longer. 

Residents are urged to lock their doors and windows. 

With files from Charlsie Agro