2 men charged with first-degree murder in Andrea White's death

A mother of four in Toronto was killed Saturday night after multiple shots were fired on her Toronto home from a Land Rover, police say.

Former NCAA basketball player among 2 men charged in woman's death

A mother of 4 is dead after she was shot in her garage in Scarborough on Saturday. 2:11

A mother of four in Toronto was killed Saturday night after multiple shots were fired on her Toronto home from a Land Rover, police say.

Toronto police say that Andrea White was in the garage of her Forest Creek Pathway home, near Old Finch Avenue and Morningside Avenue, when the shooting occurred just after 11 p.m. on Saturday.

Toronto police were on scene at a Scarborough housing complex Sunday to investigate a fatal shooting that occurred the night before. (Ivy Cuervo/CBC)

Det. Dave Dickinson said that White was in the garage with other family members, as well as friends of her daughter.

At approximately 11:05 p.m. local time, a white Land Rover drove past the home, made a U-turn and went past it again, said Dickinson.

Dickinson said that a firearm was "discharged" from the passenger side of the SUV.

"Ms. White was struck by a projectile. She was helped into her residence by family and friends, but collapsed after getting inside," said Dickinson. "She died in her residence shortly after."

Dickinson said he believes the address was targeted, though the motive for the attack is not yet clear.

White did not have a criminal record and was not known to police, Dickinson said.

In White’s neighbourhood, residents were shocked to learn that she had been killed.

Next-door neighbour Denham Brown said he received a phone call from a neighbour that White had been shot. He had heard noises at the time of the shooting, but had not been sure what they were.

"It hurts … She was a good woman," said Brown.

A police news release said that White was 33 years old at the time of her death, while Dickinson told reporters that she was 34. The reason for the discrepancy in the description of her age was not immediately clear.

Dickinson would not say how many times White was hit, but he confirmed there were multiple shots fired.

Several calls were made to 911 and Dickinson said a description of the suspect vehicle was provided.

Suspect vehicle spotted on 401

The Ontario Provincial Police located the alleged suspect vehicle, which was spotted moving along the westbound lanes of Highway 401.

"A high-risk vehicle stop was initiated at Avenue Road," Dickinson said. "The driver of the vehicle fled and a short vehicle pursuit followed."

Dickinson said the people in the vehicle fled on foot near Almore Avenue and Harlaw Boulevard.

"One of the occupants was arrested after a brief foot pursuit. The second occupant surrendered himself to Toronto police at 5:30 a.m." Dickinson said.

A firearm was later recovered on the highway from the area where the police pursuit began, Dickinson said.

Two Toronto men — 21-year-old Michael Davani and 23-year-old Alwayne Bigby — face charges of first-degree murder. The accused are due to appear in court on Monday.

Dickinson said that Davani was the person who was arrested on Saturday night, while Bigby was the person who turned himself into police early Sunday morning.

Bigby is a former NCAA basketball player. He played for both Northeastern University and the University of Rhode Island. When he was in high school, he was the team MVP at Toronto’s Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute.

After wrapping up his college basketball career, Bigby returned home to Toronto. On his Facebook and Twitter profile, he is seen posing for photos with his white Land Rover.

With a report from the CBC's Ivy Cuervo