Toronto police suspect arson-murder link

Toronto police are searching for a Sunday school teacher after a series of fires and a homicide. They suspect a connection between fires at three city churches and the discovery of a man's body Thursday.

Bob Ivens, 49, was found dead in the morgue at the University of Toronto. It's a controlled area that few people have access to. Ivens worked there as an anatomy lab supervisor.

Police are now looking for Stephen Toussaint, 54. He was a colleague at the lab, and a member of one of the churches that was set ablaze Thursday. Toussaint is listed as missing and hasn't returned to his home. According to police his family is worried.

The first fire began around 5 a.m. It took 60 firefighters two hours to douse a fire in a historic church, then they raced off to fight fires at two other nearby churches.

The largest fire caused an estimated $1.5 million in damages at the Christ Church St. James, a British Methodist Episcopal church in the city's west end. It served as the spiritual centre of Toronto's West Indian community for 150 years.