Tories stung by political cartoon

A New Brunswick newspaper has been condemned by the provincial Legislature. The House voted unanimously to condemn the Moncton Times-Transcript for an editorial cartoon. The Legislature says it subjected the minister of Transportation to "ridicule" and "degradation" because of her gender.

After seeing the cartoon in the morning paper, Justice Minister Brad Green called on the House to condemn it.

The cartoon shows one roadbuilder asking another, " Hey, is that Margaret-Ann Blaney in your pocket or are you just glad to see me."

Recently, Blaney was cleared of conflict of interest charges concerning political contributions she received from road builders.

The transportaton minister says she was offended by the cartoon.

Premier Lord was upset as well. Outside the House, he said he would demand an apology.

The Legislature later voted unanimously to condemn the newspaper for publishing the cartoon.

Times-Transcript editors said they did not want to comment.