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1,200 patients 'high and dry' after 2 Chilliwack doctors lose medical licences

A pair of Chilliwack doctors have been stopped from practising medicine after six years because they failed Canadian qualifying exams, leaving their patients wondering about their diagnoses and scrambling to find new doctors in a community already facing a shortage.
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Use of force: Knowing when to pull the trigger is harder than it looks

The guy in the yellow tank top is coming at me with a heavy chain in his hand. "You better do something," a voice to my right says.
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Former recruit's alleged torture getting fresh look from investigators

Following a Go Public investigation and pressure from a former soldier's lawyers, the public will get a rare look at how military police investigated allegations that a young recruit was tortured by his own military during training in the 1980s.
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To learn about mental health, Winnipeg police put voices in their heads

A Winnipeg company has created a program to help police experience what it's like to hear voices in your head to improve the way officers respond to people in mental health crisis.

Customer says BMO ignored her plea to cap limit on joint line of credit with ex: debt more than doubles

An Ontario woman says she is furious that her bank repeatedly increased the limit on a joint line of credit she had with her then-husband, allowing him to rack up debt for which she is responsible. She wants banks to have to get permission before increasing a customer's line of credit.

More than 20 Canadians shot dead by police since 2000 were unarmed

A CBC data analysis has found that since 2000, more than 460 Canadians have been killed in police encounters.
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Criminal consequences for police officers are rare when a civilian dies

Critics say changes are needed to a system that sees hundreds of people die following fatal police encounters, and virtually no criminal consequences for officers.

Microplastics found in some Canadian bottled water

Marketplace asked a lab at McGill University to test leading Canadians bottled water brands. It found microplastics in 60 per cent of the samples.
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When banks cash your same cheque twice, you may be on the hook to pay

Business owners Stefan Marten and Pearl Scott-Marten had to fight to get money back from their credit union after several of the couple's employees cashed their paycheques twice using increasingly popular banking apps that allow cheques to be deposited with a photo.

Don Nott: 'He wanted money for his own needs, whatever those needs were.'

CBC News has found eight other business people with stories similar to Don Nott's, who trusted Peter Corbière.
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Blue Jays earn cut from every ticket scalped on StubHub

Thousands of tickets for today's Toronto Blue Jays home opener found their way onto resale sites with massive markups, but a CBC/Toronto Star investigation has discovered scalpers aren't the only players cashing in. Resale giant StubHub says it has a profit-sharing deal with the team.
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Niagara financier's big money propositions leave entrepreneurs with ruined dreams

CBC News has learned of at least nine small business owners around Ontario and the U.S. who have collectively given more than $650,000 to a Niagara businessman in exchange for investment loans and deals. But the loans never materialized, and most didn’t get a cent of their money back.

Canadian firm AggregateIQ used to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, whistleblower alleges

A Canadian online advertising company widely credited for its outsized role in convincing British voters to leave the European Union was also used in an effort to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, according to a whistleblower.

CRA audits just 5 Canadians out of hundreds of RBC Panama Papers accounts

Two years after it took aim at hundreds of Royal Bank clients exposed in the Panama Papers leak, the Canada Revenue Agency has decided just five cases require an audit — because the vast majority of the offshore accounts belonged to foreigners.
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Lawyer charges grieving family thousands for time spent responding to complaint against him

Attorneys are not allowed to bill for hours they spend answering complaints, according to the Law Society of Ontario.