Topic: back to school 2014

Back to school: How parents can fight the fear of math

In a world where angst over mathematics reigns supreme as Canadian students falter in international test results and parental backlash comes out swinging against newer teaching methods, those same parents can also help their children flourish at school, experts say.

Back to school dilemma: braids for boys

Like most seven-year olds, Quannah Duquette was a little nervous about his first day of school. But after just a few minutes, his mother Tasha Hubbard noticed that it might more than just the average jitters.

Back-to-school sales sluggish, expected to extend into September

A back-to-school shopping season that has been modest at best shows signs of bleeding into September, with retailers still looking for ways to attract Canadian consumers searching intently for lower prices.

Students are back at school and so are the police

As backpack-laden students hike down sidewalks and catch buses for the start of the new school year today, police will be working to ensure that drivers are aware that school is back in session.

Back-to-school: 7 million students, 440,000 educators prepare for the new year

From tots to teenagers, students head back to school this week, waving goodbye to parents as they board bright yellow buses or say a teary bon voyage as they head off to a faraway university.

Back-to-school sleep tips for kids

Occupational therapist Jennifer Garden offers tips to reset kids' sleep schedules heading into a new school year.

Back-to-school stress: the warning signs and what to do

Author and psychiatrist Shimi Kang tells parents about the warning signs their kids may be too stressed and what to do about it.

Groups try to ease back to school burden for cash-strapped families

Some Sudbury teachers and groups are donating or discounting back to school supplies to students from lower income families who find this time of year particularly difficult.