It's not your typical viral video, but a real-time simulation of the Titanic sinking has millions of views on YouTube since it was uploaded on April 14.

The video runs a remarkable two hours and 41 minutes. And it's actually a teaser for an immersive video game currently in production called Titanic: Honor and Glory, which will let players experience what it was like to be on the ill-fated ship when it went down.

The president of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada said the video is causing cautious excitement among Titanic buffs.

"The mountain of emotions that you go through is quite something else, because you realize this is what happened, this is what people went through," said Deanna Ryan-Meister.

Tom Lynskey, director of Vintage Digital Revival, the American company that produced the video and is working on the upcoming game, said every inch of the ship was painstakingly recreated, with no detail too trivial.

"Like one shade of colour on a pattern of fabric on a chair in a restaurant or something like that," Lynskey said. "It ensures authenticity."

Real-time titanic simulation

Every detail down to floor tiles and wood shading was scrutinized for the simulation, one of its creators says. (Vintage Digital Revival)

Lynskey said capturing how slowly the ship initially sank is crucial to understanding why passengers behaved the way they did. 

"Most of the passengers did not want to leave," he said.

"In the animation, you see a half-hour in, two decks are under water in the front. But on the ship, if you were standing on the ship, you wouldn't know this. It feels as though the ship is so solid and so safe."

The upcoming video game will prompt players to solve a mystery while the ship is going down.

It is raising some eyebrows.

"My concern would be, if there was a virtual reality aspect, that people will take it more from an entertainment perspective," said Ryan-Meister.

real-time titanic simulation

Even when parts of the Titanic were under water, many people didn't realize the ship was sinking, says Tom Lynskey, a member of the team behind the simulation and upcoming Titanic video game. (Vintage Digital Revival)

But Lysnkey said the game is primarily meant to be educational, and the people involved in its production are Titanic aficionados first and gamers second.

"This is the best way to introduce this to the next generation," he said.

Many relatives of Titanic survivors have come forward to share their stories to be included in the game's narrative, he added.

The game is still in its early stages, with no timeline set for its completion, he said.