Wolf sighting at school prompts warning

A city school is keeping a careful watch after a report of a wolf sighting in the area.
A local resident spotted a wolf near Claude Garton School in Thunder Bay. (Lakeheadschools.ca)

A city school is keeping a careful watch after a report of a wolf sighting in the area.

A resident who lives near Claude Garton school in Current River spotted a wolf Tuesday and contacted the school yesterday.

The school took steps to inform students and their families.

Todd Miller, the principal of Claude Garton, said the sighting couldn't be verified, but the school wanted to err on the side of caution.

Miller said the school also ensured yard supervisors were equipped with radios and whistles in the event the school yard needed to be cleared quickly.

"We just made an announcement to… not approach any strange animals [and] to make sure that, when you're walking home, you're walking in pairs or groups," Miller said. "We like to let our families know as well, so a very brief note was just sent home."

The school also contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources, which provided information about wolves and precautions to take.