Witnesses are coming forward as police investigate a recent assault on a customer at a Dryden fast-food restaurant.

Police learned of the incident when a video of the incident circulated on social media earlier this week.

Only seconds long, the video showed a younger-looking man approaching the seated victim a couple of times and slapping his head repeatedly with both hands while laughing.

"We've received tips from across northwestern Ontario, into Minnesota," said Dryden Police Chief Robert Davis. "People are coming together in this matter to help us solve it."

Investigators have determined the victim is a man from Pikangikgum First Nation.

Davis said they have also identified a suspect, but need more information.

"We only see the small snippet on the video," he said. "To do a proper investigation, we want to know the totality of the situation. what happened prior to what we see on video (and) what happened after."

Some people who saw the video expressed concern that the assault could have been racially motivated.

Police have not commented on that, but Davis said both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people are calling to offer information. In a news release, Dryden police said they commended these individuals for having the courage to come forward.

As of Thursday, at least two Dryden residents who witnessed the assault had come forward and police were following up with a man appearing in the background of the video. They still want to speak to the person who shot the video and have emphasized that he or she is not in any trouble. 

Although the incident came to the attention of police on March 19, they believe the assault happened prior to that date.