A northwestern Ontario man is speaking out about the plight of a black bear that has a snare wire wrapped around its neck, cutting into its flesh.

Michael Scheibler — known as the "gentle bear man" of Emo, Ont., — said so far, the Ministry of Natural Resources has not been much help.

He said in July, the 400-pound bear showed up with the wire around its neck.

"So here now I get a bear with a snare in its head and that really gets me upset," Scheibler said. "In the meantime, I find out from the MNR that … snaring is allowed. The snares are supposed to be removed by the end of February."

Tranquilizers didn't work

Scheibler has fed the bear he calls "Anson" for the last four years. Anson is one of about 50 bears who visits Scheibler’s rural property, west of Fort Frances.

The Ministry of Natural Resources sent two employees to tranquilize the bear, but Scheibler said it didn't go well.

"Fifteen minutes before dark they double dart him in the ... left front shoulder," he recalled.

"The bear spun around and took off. I don't even imagine [the bear] went a hundred feet before he had [the darts] pulled out."

Scheibler said the MNR workers could not track the bear in the dark and would not let him help. Since then, he said it has returned to eat at his property on a regular basis.

Scheibler said he is worried that the bear will go into hibernation with the snare still in place.