A Terrace Bay business owner is "a little spun" after an encounter with a wild cat right outside her shop.

"There's just a lynx hanging uptown, chilling out," said Beth-Ann Colebourne, who recorded the sighting in a video posted on Facebook. 

"What's up, buddy?" she calls out to the cat, which she ventured could be a bobcat or a lynx.

The cat is seen skulking on the snow banks by the Terrace Bay Canada Post office. It eventually slinks away.

Lynx or Bobcat Thunder Bay post office

A screenshot of a video by Terrace Bay resident Beth-Ann Colebourne shows what looks like a lynx or bobcat walking by the Terrace Bay Canada Post office Tuesday evening. (CBC)

In a Facebook post, Colebourne said she "followed it" for a few pictures and "this awesome video of Terrace Bays wildlife."

"Yes, I call it like a little kitty cat," she wrote. "I'm a little spun okay!!!!!"