Westjet Encore to replace jet service to Thunder Bay

WestJet will replace jet service to Thunder Bay with turboprop aircraft, while at the same time doubling the frequency of flights to and from Winnipeg and Toronto.
Coming fees include a first checked bag charge for international economy fares with WestJet. (WestJet)

WestJet will replace jet service to Thunder Bay with turboprop aircraft, while at the same time doubling the frequency of flights to and from Winnipeg and Toronto.

The company will launch WestJet Encore in the local market in June.

It will use the Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Twice-daily service to and from Toronto will become four flights daily. Once-a-day service to Winnipeg will become two flights.

"With any luck we're going to bring down the cost of regional travel just a little bit as well," said company spokesperson Brie Ogle.

In western Canadian markets, where Encore has already been launched, fares have declined but, "That has yet to be determined" for Thunder Bay, Ogle said.

When Encore starts June 27 in Thunder Bay, it will mark the inauguration of the service in eastern Canada.

"This makes sense for WestJet," said Ogle. "It makes sense to work with bases that we know have already been a success, and that are familiar with our service."

Ogle said the new service should increase the company's passenger capacity in Thunder Bay.


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