Organizers of the 'Week Without Violence' campaign say they're hoping the event teaches people that violence happens everywhere, it can happen to anyone and there are places where victims can get help.

The initiative runs from Oct. 16 to 20 in Kenora, Ont.

"We do have, as many other places in Canada, issues with violence against women, violence against children and people in general and it doesn't seem to be talked about very much," said Stephanie Petiquan, the executive director of Women's Place Kenora.

"I've grown up here in Kenora and it just seems we see people who have been hurt on the street, or we witness violence and it's just kind of ignored," she continued. "We need to make people aware of it."

Petiquan said she hopes the week encourages people to learn more about violence in all its forms.

"Some people think it's just about physical abuse, but there's all types of violence out there," she said.

"There's the social, there's the mental, the emotional, the spiritual violence and we need to make people aware that just talking to somebody negatively, if you're not aware of where that person's coming from, could be very violent to them."

Victims need to know 'they're not alone'

Simply recognizing violence isn't enough, Petiquan said.

She also wants to raise awareness about the resources and supports that are available in Kenora for victims of violence.

Some of the agencies maintain a low profile in order to protect domestic violence victims, but it's important that people know those services exist so "they know they're not alone," said Petiquan.

Womens' Place is a resource centre and she makes sure they have plenty of information "at our fingertips when someone comes to us fleeing a violent situation and then from there, where can they go."

The five-day campaign wraps up Friday at St. Thomas Aquinas High School with The Power of Being a Girl conference.

The Week Without Violence is hosted by Women's Place, the Kenora Sexual Assault Centre, Kenora Chiefs Advisory group, the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre, the Metis Nation of Ontario and the Ontario Native Women's Association.