Wasaya Airways says it's made changes after a Transport Canada report identified numerous safety concerns.

A copy of the report obtained by CBC News shows federal inspectors found problems with Wasaya's safety management plan, emergency preparedness and response as well as training, awareness and competence.

tom morris

Wasaya President Tom Morris says the deficiencies identified in a Transport Canada report released last year have been addressed. (Supplied)

It also singled out issues related to de-icing, intoxicated passengers, and weight and balance concerns on aircraft. In addition, the report said flight attendant manuals and operations manuals were not followed during flights. Pilot instruments were not temperature-corrected, meaning they could be inaccurate.

Wasaya President Tom Morris said changes have been made in the year since the report’s release.

"With any assessment there's bound to be some issues found, but usually it's ever-changing, ever-improving, and you work on those things."

Corrective 'action plan'

Morris said Wasaya continues to embrace the culture of safety in the workplace.

"It's a new, a new way of doing things, and I guess here at Wasaya Airways we've been continuously working on our improvement, and we are satisfied where we are today."

The Transport Canada report said Wasaya did not conform to its Safety Management System plan, which was developed in 2005.

The report cited how employees had lost respect for the SMS plan and questioned their supervisors' ability to bring about change.

Wasaya Airways has provided a "Corrective Action Plan" to Transport Canada, the regulatory agency said in an email to CBC News. Transport Canada said it continues to monitor and work with  Wasaya "to ensure compliance with the regulations is maintained."