A dog and cat are now under care following an animal cruelty arrest Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay Police were called to an apartment at the Royal Edward Arms Wednesday night following a complaint and ended up charging a 31-year-old man and 21-year-old woman with animal cruelty and obstructing police. The man is also facing a weapons charge for carrying what was believed to be a buck knife while officers were dealing with the animal complaint.

dog abuse

A Thunder Bay city official says it appears that the allegedly abused dog has puncture wounds in the eye and at the back of the head. (Supplied)


The dog was very thin, emaciated and had significant trauma-related injuries when located by the officers.

β€œAt our first observation that there's a puncture to the eye of the dog and a puncture near the back of its head and looked like it was limping with a leg injury,” said Ron Bourret, manager of licencing and enforcement for the city.

Bourret said animal services officers had to take the Rottweiler mix breed male dog immediately to a veterinary clinic, where the dog remained this morning.

dog abuse

The dog that was rescued also appeared to be underweight, rescue officials say. (Supplied)

Police have reported the dog is currently in stable condition. 

female cat was also removed from the apartment. Police said the cat is in good condition and remains in the care of Animal Services.

The pair who were charged were to appear in court Thursday.

A male faces weapons charges in an unrelated matter that occurred while police were dealing with the animal complaint. They spotted a man carrying what was believed to be a buck knife, and arrested him.