Canada's Transportation Safety Board (TSB) is investigating after a man fell overboard from a ship earlier this month at Thunder Bay's port.

The incident occurred Dec. 8 while the ship was preparing to leave the port. A man fell overboard into the water at about 8 p.m.

In a media release, the TSB identified the ship as the bulk carrier Federal Champlain.

"He was recovered by one of the terminal boats and was transported to hospital for treatment," said TSB senior marine investigator Steven Neatt, adding the man was released from hospital "shortly afterwards."

The Federal Champlain has left Thunder Bay. It docked in Montreal on Thursday night, and Neatt and another TSB investigator went on board to conduct interviews with crew and collect other information.

The ship resumed its voyage on Friday, heading for Quebec City, where it was expected to dock on Friday night. Neatt said he was going to be back on board Friday evening to finish up the field portion of the investigation.

"We'll collect all our information, and we'll do some examination and analysis," Neatt said. "We'll go over the documents and find if we can discover any underlying unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, any safety deficiencies that we want to communicate to the transportation industry as a whole."