Tom Mulcair wants Bruce Hyer's Thunder Bay riding back

The leader of the opposition says he expects the NDP to regain control of the Thunder Bay-Superior North riding.
Federal opposition leader Tom Mulcair held a "kitchen table" discussion at a home in Thunder Bay Wednesday morning, as part of what his office calls a nationwide affordability tour. Alana King of the Community Action Group and Terri-Lynn Carter of Poverty Free Thunder Bay sit with Mulcair as he spoke with the media. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

The leader of the opposition says he expects the NDP to regain control of the Thunder Bay-Superior North riding.

Tom Mulcair stopped in Thunder Bay today as part of a national tour.

Mulcair pulled no punches when reporters asked him about former New Democrat Bruce Hyer joining the Green party.

“We will be taking that riding back,” he said. “People are very upset at having voted for one party and seeing that taken away from them on the whim of one individual."

Mulcair said he can guarantee the NDP will recapture Thunder Bay Superior North in the next federal election.

"People voted for the NDP because they like our policies, they want us to be able to put those policies into force,” Mulcair added.

"Somehow Mr. Hyer managed to convince himself, since he left our caucus, that this somehow had something to do with the gun registry. That is simply not true. One of the first things that I did when I came in was to remove the sanctions that had [been] put on Mr. Hyer and others who had voted in a different fashion on that particular file.”

Mulcair said that when Hyer went to sit as an independent he was told Hyer “was upset and frustrated that I had not seen a place for him in my shadow cabinet. Frankly I didn't find him very reliable."


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