Starting next week, departing passengers can buy a coffee or a snack after they go through security at the Thunder Bay airport.

As part of an effort to reduce the number of people going through security close to boarding time, a Tim Hortons kiosk has been installed.

Scott McFadden

Scott McFadden, president and CEO of Thunder Bay International Airports Authority. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

"Leaving security to the last minute has definitely become a sort of Thunder Bay habit,” Airport CEO Scott McFadden said, adding that it’s not unexpected “given the limitations of food and drink service in the secure area."

McFadden says during early morning flights, up to 650 passengers can enter the terminal around the same time, creating extra-long lines at security.

"It's a source of complaints for us. We don't get many complaints, but this is a recurring one,” McFadden said.

Tim Hortons express

This Tim Hortons Express kiosk will be up-and-running on Oct. 16 at the Thunder Bay aiport. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

“It seems like a straightforward thing, but there are obviously security issues that have to be taken into consideration that do add to the challenges of putting food service in the secure area."

McFadden said the airport has to do what it can to entice passengers to get through security earlier and keep people moving through the airport. He added they are looking at expanding the food options at some point in the future.

Food service company Aramark will operate the self-serve Tim Horton's kiosk, which opens Oct. 16