Thunder Bay police say their investigation into an alleged sexual assault that came to light Monday does not involve the Lakehead Thunderwolves hockey team.

The alleged incident happened the first weekend of February, when the University of Ottawa men's hockey team was in town to play the Thunderwolves.

The University of Ottawa has suspended its men's hockey program amid allegations of serious misconduct. 

Thunder Bay police spokesman Chris Adams said he can't reveal any details about the location of the assault, but he wants to make one thing clear.

"The incident did not occur on the Lakehead campus or any property owned by Lakehead University," Adams said.

A spokesperson for Lakehead University says police have not asked the school to participate in the investigation. 

As of Tuesday, there was no update on new leads or information in the investigation, Adams said.

"This is fairly new and we're still in the process of working with both the victim and those who may be connected to this incident,” he said.

“So, it is very much a fluid investigation that's unfolding."

Adams confirmed the alleged incident had been reported by a third party, meaning that "somebody other than the victim" reported it.

"It's not uncommon in a sexual assault to have a third party come forward," he said.

"Sexual assaults are extremely personal and have a deep impact on the victim. And sometimes it can take a victim a while to process what has happened to them and it takes investigators a while to be able to work with the victim to get to the bottom of it. And that is par for the course."